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Prince Armory Academy: Fantasy Leather Pattern Designer

There are many ways to create a leather armor suit, but not everyone is a skilled armorer. Other than posing for photos, cosplayers need to create their own costumes, including elaborate leather armor that will impress fans.

Are you a newbie looking to craft an impressively designed fantasy armor or a seasoned cosplayer looking to add some style to your leather? Prince Armory Academy is the best place to hone your skills. Besides educating proponents on how to craft their fantasy into reality, Prince Armory Academy sells some of the best leather patterns to help you make pleasurable leather armor.

If you are ready to take your crafting skill to another level and beyond, this article is for you. This post will discuss some of the most popular leather patterns offered by Prince Armory, with which you can create a professional head-to-toe suit using leather. Keep reading!

Fantasy leather patterns

Prince armor offers expertly designed leather armor patterns to help you create a monumental armor while perfecting the art of armoring. Interestingly, these leather armor patterns come with definitive video tutorials to ensure you craft your adventure with ease.

Here are various fantasy creations to create your leather armor.

  1. Fantasy breastplate pattern

As the name suggests, the breastplate is the part of an armor that protects your torso. It is an essential part that brings everything together in an armor suit. Whether you’re attending your next renaissance festival, DragonCon, or ComicCon, this fantasy breastplate pattern is a perfect choice.

It is expertly designed to be unisex, which means it will feel comfortable for you regardless of gender. If you are a lady and prefer something more colorful, you may consider this female breastplate. Don’t be fooled by the fantasy design; these breastplates are equally functional and comfortable as long as you adjust the scale for a perfect fit.

  1. Fantasy helmet pattern

The head is the most vulnerable part in any combat setting. A purpose-built helm armor with a fantasy design will impressively serve its function. As always, there is a step-by-step instructional video to help you make this intricate helmet come out as it appears in the pattern.

For a truly customizable experience, you can add your own styles, tooling, and dyes,

  1. Fantasy greaves pattern

Leather greaves offer unparalleled flexibility without sacrificing functionality. As with any set of fantasy armor, the fantasy greaves pattern includes two styles. They come with an epic, classic look. Don’t hesitate to grab one from Prince Armory and make your suit.

  1. Fantasy full arms pattern

This good-looking yet functional full arm armor is complete with a vambrace, remembrance, and the elbow cop. The design is not one of the most intricate, which makes it very easy to customize to fit properly.

  1. Fantasy Spaulders pattern+

Fantasy spaulder pattern helps create a functional, customizable, and unique leather spaulder to keep your shoulder covered. At a highly competitive price, you will get two styles that will help make a spaulder with a number of segments. The segments give you the ultimate freedom of movement. With this pattern, you will make a piece of armor with small shoulders that provide optimal stability while enhancing mobility.

  1. Fantasy gorget pattern

With this awesome-looking gorget pattern, you can make a nice leather piece of armor to protect the throat and neck while adding a layer to your fantasy leather breastplate for optimal protection. You can follow the instructional video to craft a gorget that is as functional as it is beautiful, provided you precisely adhere to tooling, dye, style, and painting instructions.

  1. Fantasy gauntlets pattern

In a battle setting, having hardened leather gauntlets can be of great help. After making your full-hand leather armor, pick this pattern to make a pair of incredibly flexible gauntlets with a fantasy design that will allow you to enact your favorite movies while ensuring optimal protection.

The Final Word on Leather Fantasy Armor

Prince Armory Academy not only teaches the art of armoring and costuming but also sells leather armor patterns that can help you heighten your crafting skills. Depending on your liking, you can also order fully customized leather armor or any themed costume. With these patterns, you can craft your own leather armor items and attend the next festival in style.